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Virtual reality headsets:

Virtual reality has grown exponentially in recent years. More and more people are becoming interested in this emerging technology, which allows people to immerse themselves in immersive virtual worlds. However, with the multitude of VR headsets available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right model. In this article, we will guide you in choosing a VR headset by presenting the different models available on the website.

What is virtual reality?

Virtual reality is a technology that simulates a virtual environment in 3D, in which the user can interact in an immersive way. This is achieved by using a VR headset, which covers the eyes and displays 3D images through special lenses. Sound is also important for immersion, so most VR headsets have built-in headphones.

What is a VR headset?

A VR headset is a computing device that allows the user to immerse themselves in virtual worlds using virtual reality. It consists of an integrated screen and lenses that create a 3D image. The VR headset is connected to a computer or game console to provide the images and sounds needed for immersion. There are different types of VR headsets on the market, ranging from stand-alone models to high-end models that require a connection to a powerful computer.

How do I choose the right VR headset?

Choosing the right VR headset depends on several factors such as budget, desired user experience and technical specifications. Here are some things to consider when choosing a VR headset:

Screen resolution

Screen resolution is one of the most important elements to consider when choosing a VR headset. The higher the resolution, the sharper and more detailed the image. The latest VR headsets have a resolution of approximately 1440 x 1600 pixels per eye.

The field of view

The field of view is the amount of space the user can see through the VR headset. A wider field of view allows for deeper immersion. Most VR headsets have a field of view between 90 and 110 degrees.


Controllers are the devices used to interact with virtual environments. Some VR headsets have built-in controllers, while others require the purchase of separate controllers. The most advanced controllers have motion and pressure sensors, which allow for more realistic interactions.


Tracking is the ability of the VR headset to follow the user's movements in real time. Good tracking is essential for a smooth virtual reality experience. Some VR headsets use external sensors to track movement.

What uses: professional and consumer

VR headsets can be used by both professionals and the general public. Professional applications include training, simulation, product design and data visualisation. For the general public, VR headsets are mainly used for video games and entertainment experiences.

What brands are available for sale in the Cornershop?

Meta brand headsets:

The Meta brand offers two models of VR headsets for home and professional use. The Meta Quest 2 is a consumer model offering an immersive user experience at an affordable price. The Meta Quest Pro is a professional model offering advanced features for professionals, including precise motion tracking and superior image quality. Both models offer a variety of compatible applications and games for a complete user experience.

HTC VIVE brand headsets:

The HTC VIVE brand offers several high-end VR headset models for professionals and home users. The HTC VIVE Pro 2 offers high screen resolution and a wide field of view for total immersion in virtual worlds. The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a standalone headset for professionals, offering a portable and easily accessible user experience. The HTC VIVE XR Elite is a hybrid model for professionals, offering augmented reality functionality for business applications. Finally, the HTC Vive Flow (Business Edition) is an affordable model for small businesses, offering a quality user experience with a 4K screen resolution.

Pico brand headsets:

The Pico brand offers several models of VR headsets for professionals and home users. The Pico Neo 3 Pro (Eye) features eye-tracking sensors for a more immersive user experience, while the standard Pico Neo 3 Pro offers a more affordable option. For professionals, Pico offers the Pico G2 4K Enterprise and Pico G2 4K, with 4K screen resolution for sharp, detailed images. Finally, the Pico 4 Enterprise is a standalone model with a long battery life and a lightweight, portable design.

Varjo brand headsets:

The Varjo brand offers several high-end VR headsets for professionals, including the Varjo XR-3 and the Varjo VR-3. Both models offer exceptional image quality with up to 60 pixels per degree resolution, as well as precise motion tracking for an immersive user experience. The Varjo XR-3 also offers augmented reality functionality for professionals. The Varjo Aero headset is a stand-alone model for professionals, offering a portable and easily accessible user experience.

In conclusion, the choice of a VR headset will depend on the user's needs, budget and user experience preferences. VR headsets are available for both professionals and the general public, with a variety of options for each type of user. Whether you are looking for total immersion in virtual worlds or simply want to try out this emerging technology, there is a VR headset to suit your needs.


What is the screen resolution of a VR headset?

👉 The screen resolution of a VR headset is the amount of pixels displayed by the screen, determining the sharpness and clarity of the image.

How does motion tracking work in a VR headset?

👉 Motion tracking in a VR headset is usually done using external or internal sensors that track the user's head movements.

What are the benefits of a standalone VR headset?

👉 A standalone VR headset does not require a computer or game console to operate, providing a great deal of freedom of movement and a more portable user experience.

What is the difference between a consumer VR headset and a professional VR headset?

👉Consumer VR headsets are generally cheaper and offer a more accessible user experience for casual gamers.

👉 Professional VR headsets are more expensive but offer advanced features for professionals, such as accurate motion tracking and superior image quality.

Do all VR headsets require a connection to a computer or game console?

👉 No, there are standalone VR headsets that do not require a connection to a computer or game console to operate. However, these models often have more modest technical specifications and may not offer the same image quality and user experience as high-end models that require a connection to a powerful computer.