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The MoCap Pro SuperSplay has 16 sensors and, as with all StretchSense gloves, the underlying technology of the stretch sensors is unobstructed. MoCap teams can provide facilitators with usable data on the hand without having to clean it.

  • 16 sensors
  • 10 m / 32ft Bluetooth range
  • 4X estimated improvement in project execution speed
  • Hand data with a smooth keyframe curve.

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MoCap Pro gloves digitise the hand and finger movements of your performer with incredible accuracy. Combined with Hand Engine, our hand resolution software, MoCap Pro gloves deliver high quality data quickly, even in the most demanding motion capture environments.

Highly accurate repeatable measurements

The stretch sensors produce a highly accurate repeatable measurement.  The result is high fidelity hand data that captures unmatched nuance and fidelity of motion.

Comfortable, accurate and robust

The MoCap Pro Series StretchSense gloves are built for action. They are rugged enough to hold their calibration during active scenes such as rigorous combat or live applause. Made of a comfortable stretch fabric, your performers can focus on their performance.

All-day comfort on any hand

Stretchy fabric that stays comfortable for all-day shoots. The fabric fits a wide variety of hand shapes and, with three sizes available, it fits like a glove.

Designed for props

With its thin, flexible fabric and grip pads on the palm and fingers, the MoCap Pro makes it easy to handle even the most difficult props.

Top features according to customer feedback

All-day battery life, Bluetooth and SD card for data storage, and machine washable.

Connect your way - anywhere

Up to 10m Bluetooth range, perfect for the biggest scenes.

Record to the on-board SD card for backup or to capture images away from the scene.

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