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Part of Noitom Ltd, Perception Neuron is a company dedicated to the development of advanced motion capture systems. With a strong commitment to innovation, Perception Neuron focuses on creating motion capture technologies that serve a variety of industries, including entertainment, sports, science and medicine. The brand has quickly established itself as a leader in the field of motion capture thanks to its sophisticated, high-performance products.

Perception Neuron products

One of Perception Neuron's flagship products is the Perception Neuron 3. It is an advanced motion capture system designed to provide exceptional accuracy in recording human movement. With its cutting-edge sensor technology, the Perception Neuron 3 is perfect for applications in entertainment, sports analysis, scientific research and more.

To complement this, the Perception Neuron Studio Data Gloves are essential accessories for ultra-precise hand motion capture. These gloves feature high-precision sensors and are designed to integrate seamlessly with the Perception Neuron Studio system. They are ideal for animators, game designers and medical professionals who need detailed hand motion capture.

Perception Neuron Studio is a professional-grade motion capture system that combines performance and versatility. It is designed for a variety of applications, from entertainment content creation to sports and medical motion analysis.

In addition, the Perception Neuron 3 Glove Sensor Kit is a sensor kit that is added to the gloves, enabling even more accurate and detailed hand motion capture. This kit is essential for those looking to push the boundaries of motion capture in terms of detail and accuracy.