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Perception Neuron
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The Perception Neuron Studio inertial system offers the industry's first true motion capture.

  • Charging and calibration box
  • 17 Neuron STUDIO wireless sensors with a full body strap kit
  • 1 proprietary USB RF receiver to communicate with the sensors.
  • An anti-magnetic carrying case

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  • Brand Perception Neuron
  • Reference F005/12463
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  • Availability date 2022-06-30
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  • Type Suit
  • Tracking system Inertial

The Perception Neuron Studio suit

The Perception Neuron Studio suit offers the industry's first true motion capture.

This mocap system consists of inertial sensors. Once worn on the user, you can select from a menu of hardware and software modules to meet the most advanced applications, from live production and biomechanical analysis to virtual production and advanced VR simulation.

It is already possible to add hand motion capture with this optional product:

  • Perception Neuron Studio Gloves

Transportable in a suitcase

Perception Neuron® Studio is designed to adapt to meet your current and future motion capture needs

Designed to be portable, the system comes with a hard, mag-free case to store the motion capture suit and accessories. The Perception Neuron Studio "battery box" not only stores the sensors, but also calibrates them when placed inside. The box also functions as a charging station where the sensors can be recharged at one time.