Manus VR

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Manus is a company that specialises in the production of motion capture gloves, an essential technology in the virtual reality, augmented reality and digital entertainment industries.

Manus gloves:

Manus gloves are wearable devices that capture the precise movements of the user's hands and fingers. This data is then translated into digital movements, enabling real-time interaction with virtual or augmented environments, or used to animate digital characters in films or video games. Manus gloves offer unrivalled precision and high fidelity in capturing hand movements, enabling realistic and intuitive interactions.

Xsens Metagloves:

The Xsens Metagloves is a motion tracking glove equipped with quantum tracking technology for accurate capture of finger movements. It is designed to integrate easily into existing professional pipelines thanks to its compatibility with Xsens MVN software. Whether for animation or motion analysis, the use of Xsens MVN Animate and Xsens MVN Analyze will improve the quality and accuracy of ergonomic finger data. This product is ideal for virtual reality and motion capture applications, optimising the user experience for animation and motion capture professionals.

Xsens Metaglove Quantum:

The Metaglove Quantum is a motion tracking glove that uses Quantum technology to accurately and reliably capture finger movements. It enables precise interaction with objects in virtual worlds for immersive experiences and captures the subtle nuances of human movement. It is available in two port options (finger tape or finger sleeve) and is compatible with industry standards.

Metaglove OptiTrack:

With the Metaglove OptiTrack, you can add Quantum finger data directly into Motive 3. This product optimizes your motion capture data with minimal impact on your existing pipeline. It allows accurate and detailed finger data to be fed into Motive 3 easily and efficiently. The finger data provided by the Metaglove OptiTrack will be combined with the OptiTrack body data inside Motive 3.