Manus Metagloves (Quantum, OptiTrack, Xsens)

Manus VR

The Metaglove Quantum provides high fidelity finger tracking with sub-millimetre precision fingertip sensors :

  • The new benchmark in finger tracking
  • Sensors provide highly accurate and reliable finger capture data
  • "MANUS Avanced Hand Solver to accurately recreate a digital hand skeleton
  • Compatible with industry standard software

Product details


  • Brand Manus VR
  • Reference F002/13871
  • Condition New product

Taking finger capture to the next level

All-new Quantum tracking technology

The Quantum Metaglove provides high fidelity finger tracking using sub-millimetre accurate fingertip tracking sensors. These sensors do not drift and provide extremely accurate and reliable finger capture data.

The new benchmark in finger tracking

Capture every detailed movement with our precise Quantum tracking technology. There are no more limits to finger capture. Save valuable animation time without losing the realistic feel of your movements.

MANUS Advanced Hand Solver

The MANUS Advanced Hand Solver takes the precise fingertip position provided by MANUS quantum tracking sensors and applies it to the research-based MANUS biomechanical hand model to accurately recreate a digital hand skeleton.

With MANUS Core software, integrations and plugins, you can now use state-of-the-art digital hands in your own pipeline without compromise.

The Advanced Hand Solver and biomechanical model are part of MANUS Core and the result of years of research and development.

Compatible with industry standards

Real-time streaming with Manus Core

Our Manus Core software is a data processing tool developed to receive data from the Manus glove and SteamVR tracking data and stream it optimally to the desired target. Using native or added plugins, the finger data will be streamed in real time to Unreal and Unity. Manus Core is included with our Quantum Metagloves.


SDK and fingerprint data recording

Our open SDK allows you to build any other integration. The recording feature allows you to record your sessions, edit them and export them as FBX files. You will be able to use our timecode and genlock functions while recording.

In addition to this, we have the functionality to trigger your mocap session with the use of our 'Motive 2.0 triggered recording' and 'Vicon Shogun triggered recording'. These options allow external software to trigger our recording software and export the recorded data.