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A forerunner in the field of connected luggage and furniture, Naotic is an innovative player that has made a name for itself in the world of technology. Since it was founded in 2012, the brand has specialised in smart USB charging technologies, software publishing and the development of solutions that ensure the efficient use of digital devices in various sectors of activity. Naotic is dedicated to creating bespoke solutions, inventing for you, to meet the specific needs of each user.

Naotic products

One of the jewels in Naotic's range is the Tabibox MV. This virtual mobility solution is ideal for transporting and protecting virtual and mixed reality equipment. Thanks to its ingenious design, the Tabibox MV meets the needs of professionals looking for a reliable and efficient transport solution for their equipment.

Naotic also offers the Naocart S1 VR, a storage and transport trolley designed specifically for virtual reality headsets. With its solid structure and practical compartments, the Naocart S1 VR is essential for the secure storage and rapid deployment of VR equipment.

The Tabicase MP1 completes the range as a top-of-the-range protective case for virtual reality headsets. It is specially designed to offer optimum protection against shock, dust and water, ensuring that the equipment remains in perfect condition.