Naocase M500 VR USB-C

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The Naocase M500 is a heavy-duty carrying case for securing and recharging fleets of tablets, laptops or VR headsets.

Main features:

  • Up to 16 tablets / ultra-portables with covers or 9 15.6" laptops or 8 virtual reality headsets
  • Charge level display for each tablet (USB)
  • Easy access to WI-FI cut-off and RJ-45 port
  • Smartypower controlled electric charging or Tabipower fast, intelligent USB charging

Product details


  • Brand Naotic
  • Reference F030/14860


  • Type Charging dock
  • Connections Power Delivery
  • Weight 16lbs
  • Dimensions 670x510x372 mm
  • Battery charging Quick charge
  • Security Key pass
  • Size of the helmet area Up to 8 Virtual Reality headsets

The Naocase M500 VR USB-C makes it easy to move, store and distribute your mobile devices. This heavy-duty carrying case secures and recharges fleets of tablets, laptops or VR headsets.

Cases that optimize equipment transport

Made from durable resin, Naocase cases feature three carrying handles and a retractable trolley to make moving your fleet of devices a breeze.

Flexible integration thanks to Flexichannel foam docking modules

A double advantage: they provide great flexibility for integrating and protecting your devices, even custom-made ones, and allow intelligent routing of power cables.

Wifi integration with cut-off

Naocase cases allow the integration of Wifi hotspots with cut-off or scheduling, and an RJ45 socket for access to the network only when required.

Integrated electrical safety

Your appliances and electrical installation are protected from peak loads and power surges.

Charge status display

LED indicators let you know when your devices are charged.

Optimized charging and protected batteries

With Naocase, charging is always as short as possible: no wastage, less strain on batteries and longer life.

The Naocase M500 case offers a choice of two charging technologies to suit every device and every need.

Smartypower, electrical and controlled charging, makes charging via electrical outlets simpler, safer, controllable and connected: - You use the power supplies of your appliances:

- Charging is configurable and timed

- Soft start-up to avoid load peaks

- You can control functions remotely via a mobile app: on/off, scheduling and timing of charging and wifi.

Main features: 

  • Shock-proof rigid suitcase with handles, removable trolley and integrated wheels
  • Pre-formed high-density foam in individual cells
  • Protected, ventilated technical area
  • Centralized charging system for mobile devices
  • External on/off master switch, with LED and wifi cut-off switch
  • RJ 45 socket for network connection
  • Natural convection ventilation system
  • Angled power cord 3 m

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