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Varjo is a technology company specialising in high quality virtual and augmented reality. With its commitment to innovation and creating cutting-edge products, Varjo has quickly become a trusted brand for virtual and augmented reality industry professionals around the world.

Varjo products

The Varjo product range includes different models of virtual and augmented reality headsets, such as the Varjo Aero, Varjo VR-3 and Varjo XR-3. These headsets are equipped with Varjo's state-of-the-art resolution technology, which offers greater clarity and resolution than any other VR or AR headset on the market.

They are also equipped with advanced features such as motion sensors, high-quality OLED displays and intuitive interfaces, allowing users to immerse themselves in immersive VR and AR environments with incredible precision and sharpness.

Varjo accessories

In addition to its headsets, Varjo also offers a range of accessories to enhance users' VR and AR experience, such as face pads, motion controllers, laptop adapters, battery backups and cables. These accessories allow users to customise their VR and AR experience according to their needs and preferences.

Varjo is committed to innovation and continues to develop new products and features to enhance the VR and AR experience for its users. The brand also works closely with partners to create innovative VR and AR experiences in different sectors such as aviation, automotive and training.