Vive Pack 3+1 (3 Ultimate Tracker + 1 Wireless Dongle)

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Vive Ultimate Tracker, optimum precision in every movement. A new freedom of movement opens up. The first all-in-one position tracker that uses AI-powered automatic tracking to revolutionize XR experiences.

  • This pack includes three Vive Ultimate Trackers and one Vive Wireless Dongle
  • Simplified body tracking
  • Paired with a headset and two controllers to simultaneously track 6 points in real time: head, hands, waist and feet
  • Long battery life, up to 7 hours of use

Product details


  • Brand VIVE
  • Reference F004/14777


  • Compatibility
    VIVE Focus 3
  • Manufacturer's warranty 1 year
  • Type
  • Operating time (battery)
  • Connections
  • Tracking system 6 DoF
    Inside-out Tracking
  • PC connections USB-C 3.0
  • Weight
  • Dimensions
  • Colours Black
  • Charging time (Battery)

VIVE has just released its new Vive Ultimate Tracker, which tracks our movements in real time, and you can find it here in the form of a pack.

The pack includes 3 Ultimate Trackers and a Wireless Dongle (USB-C). 

Cutting-edge precision in a compact format

The Vive Ultimate Tracker uses two wide-field-of-view cameras and computer vision for instantaneous spatial recognition. It synchronizes virtual and physical movements. Its elegant, well-balanced design offers absolute functionality and comfort throughout use.

Body tracking is now simplified as it pairs with a headset and two controllers to simultaneously track 6 points in real time:

  • head
  • hands 
  • waist
  • feet

Tracking whenever and wherever you want

Simply connect the Vive Wireless Dongle to your headset and enjoy low-latency connectivity. With 6DoF indoor-outdoor tracking, maneuvering in large-scale environments is child's play. The computer is optional, so no base station is required.

Simple mounting mechanism

Using the Vive Ultimate Tracker has never been easier. The quick-release mechanism allows you to attach and detach the tracker in seconds for easy play, while an optional screw-on bracket lets you secure it firmly to objects.

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