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XR Ergo is a standalone (non-customisable) application that allows process designers, ergonomists and operators to analyse workstation design. XR Ergo allows you to :

  • Evaluate postures and working conditions in a design phase through virtual reality (VR) simulations.
  • Import
  • Prepare your data
  • Simulate
  • Report

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A new dynamic for ergonomics

DISCOVER the new XR ERGO application: use Virtual Reality (VR) technology coupled with a combination of motion tracking to visualise and analyse the ergonomics of workstations or movements.

A stand-alone application to create your ergonomic study scenarios.

What can you do with XR Ergo?

Import - Prepare your data - Simulate - Report

With XR ERGO, you have access to ergonomic analysis with a table of ratings. The application allows you to evaluate the ergonomics of workstations and the positions/gestures of an operator.

XR Ergo, a better Visualisation for a better Evaluation

XR Ergo is a stand-alone application that allows designers, ergonomists and operators to discuss workstation design, working conditions and operator postures during the design phase using VR simulations coupled with motion capture.

This application is available on its own or as part of our other software XR Twin.

XR ERGO allows you to import your data (point clouds, 3D scans, CAD) and prepare your simulation. You can then simulate your scene with the real-time ergonomic analysis along with the ergonomic dimensioning table and tracker feedback. You can then modify the object or workstation to make it ergonomically compliant. You can replay the scene, modify it according to your needs and find the ideal solution for the workstation operator!

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is an applied science that focuses on the design and posture of people using objects and/or machines at a workstation. The ultimate goal of ergonomic analysis is to improve workplace safety, comfort, health and productivity.

Did you say Superpowers?

XR ERGO allows ergonomists to evaluate workstations in order to prevent posture and movement related injuries and improve working conditions!

An additional tracking system!

You have the possibility to buy the XR Ergo Kit which will allow you to capture the gestures and posture of an active operator on a real or simulated workstation in virtual reality.