MiddleVR for Unity

Middle VR

Easily create advanced applications for complex graphics systems requiring multiple displays, multiple graphics cards and multiple computers :

  • Make your Unity applications VR compatible
  • Integrate into CAVE, HMD, Powerwall systems in a few clicks
  • Create and visualize your virtual models in Unity in 1:1 scale
  • Distribution of the application on a graphical cluster
  • No programming required

Product details


MiddleVR for Unity is the only software that makes it easy to develop virtual models with the Unity 3D engine for your visualization systems

Use Unity in your Cave as the Diiice, virtual scene or any other cluster rendering system!

MiddleVR for Unity is the only professional plugin to focus on CAVEs, virtual scenes for virtual production, VR-Walls and any single or multiple PCs and clustered rendering systems.

Simple and efficient focus on your scenarios and quality

Drag and drop to create a simple application supporting multiple screens, multiple projectors, multiple LED screens, multiple computers. Genlock and frame-perfect synchronization.

Once your application uses MiddleVR for Unity, you can deploy it on different projection-based graphics systems or LED displays without rebuilding it.

Many new features are now available

  • Preview window: view your multi-display cameras in a preview window in Unity Editor. Also supports active stereoscopy
  • Debug any cluster node from Unity Editor
  • New window mode: Composer. Use this mode for better performance and stability
  • New Auto Detect feature: speed up your setup by automatically detecting all cluster nodes on a network that have a daemon running

MiddleVR supports many Virtual Reality systems

- CAVE, immersive Cube, DIICE

- VisCube by VisBox

- Holostage

- Holobench, workbench

- Powerwall

- Curved screens with warping & blending

- Virtual stages for virtual production

MiddleVR also supports many interaction tools

- A.R.T DTrack, Flystick2 (Native)

- Vicon (Native)

- NaturalPoint Optitrack (Native)

- Vive controllers/trackers

- Intersense IS-900 (Native)

- and many more via VRPN