Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap

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Discover the Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap, the ergonomic solution for extended gaming sessions with complete peace of mind. Improve your comfort, safety and stability with our rigid and easily adjustable helmet strap.

The benefits of the Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap include

  • Improved safety and comfort due to its rigid structure and balanced weight distribution on the head.
  • Improved comfort for longer playing sessions without fatigue or pain.
  • Custom fit with a quick and easy adjustment knob for optimal comfort.

Product details


  • Brand Meta
  • Reference F014/12821


  • Compatibility Oculus (Meta) Quest 2
  • Weight 179 G
  • Dimensions
  • Dimensions of the box

Superior comfort level for extended gaming sessions

If you're looking for a solution to improve your gaming comfort, the Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap is the product for you. With this ergonomic and easily adjustable helmet strap, you can enjoy extended gaming sessions without fear of fatigue or pain.


Improved safety and comfort:

With its rigid structure, the Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap offers you increased stability and security. You can play with confidence, without worrying about the helmet falling off. In addition, the rigid strap also improves the ergonomics of your helmet, distributing the weight more evenly on your head.


Play all day long:

The soft strap of the Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap is designed to comfortably hold your head, even during extended gaming sessions. This ergonomic design distributes the weight of the headset more evenly, reducing fatigue and soreness. This means you can play all day without discomfort.


Quick and easy adjustment:

The Meta Elite QUEST 2 Strap features an easy-to-use adjustment knob that allows you to adjust the strap tension in seconds. This allows you to adjust the strap to the size of your head for optimal comfort. This feature is especially useful if you share your headset with other gamers.

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