Construction/safety headset with HoloLens 2 adapter

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Visit your factory or construction site in augmented reality thanks to this helmet solution that allows you to adapt and attach your HoloLens 2*.

  • EU certification according to standard 397:2012Ā 
  • Numerous applications for ground (industrial, construction site...) and aerial activities (technical repair at height, rescue, etc...)Ā 
  • Clip-on system: The HoloLens 2 goggles can be easily clipped on and off the Protos helmetĀ 
  • Customization possible on request and quotation: Colours, logos, hearing protection, microphone, bluetooth...
  • *HoloLens 2 is not included

Product details


  • Brand Protos
  • Reference F030/13148
  • Condition New product


  • Compatibility HoloLens 2

Head protection in work situationsĀ 

In many situations, safety standards require head protection and this helmet meets the requirements while adapting to the wearing of a Microsoft Hololens 2 for your AR needs.Ā 

This solution fits perfectly with your augmented reality applications allowing you to display your 3D models in the physical environment while wearing the headset.Ā 

Innovative adapter for HoloLens 2Ā 

The headset has a clip-on system (Realsim type) to put on and take off your HL2 headset at will.Ā 

Modularity and customisationĀ 

Thanks to its modular design, you can add additional features to meet your specifications (on request) such as: Your logo on the helmet, choice of colours, hearing protection, Bluetooth...Ā 

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