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Weart offers a haptic glove, called Touchdiver, which consists of three small cylinders, a kind of thimble or cap, into which you put your fingertips. The caps are for the thumb, index and middle fingers and provide haptic feedback for your virtual reality (VR) experiences and games.

A very practical solution, it offers :

  • 360° feedback
  • Weighs <200g 
  • Wireless solution 
  • 2 hours battery life

Product details


  • Brand Weart
  • Reference F002/13732

Specific references

  • MPN: TouchDIVER

Stop clicking, start grabbing

WEART bridges the digital and physical worlds by adding the one missing sense: TOUCH. Have a truly immersive VR experience and touch digital objects as you would in real life.

Think of any VR / AR experience - training sessions, digital retail experiences, virtual exhibitions or collaborative design workshops. Now wear your TouchDIVER, put on your favourite VR headset and start interacting with the virtual world.

Haptic feedback

Forces, vibrations and thermal cues are combined to achieve a level of realism never before found in any haptic technology, as all our customers agree.

Finger tracking and digital hand model

The user's finger tracking is achieved through our new patent-pending technology built into the device. This technology is coupled with a digital model of the human hand, included in our SDK

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