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Discover the MoCap Studio Glove: designed to capture authentic, expressive movements. This high-performance glove is accessible and guarantees reliable data to meet production deadlines.

Key points :

  • Ready for action: Robust for intensive shoots and shock-resistant.
  • Optimized for production: Fast data retrieval, without cleaning or excessive use of pose libraries.
  • Authentic movements: 16 sensors for realistic, expressive hands.
  • Assured compatibility: Easy integration with Unreal and Unity.

Product details


High-end performance at an affordable price

Bulletproof on location

Designed for all-day shoots with intense action scenes.

Meet production deadlines with reliable data

Faster than pose libraries or optical handheld solutions, quickly create stunning handheld content. With clean data, motion capture technicians and animators can focus on creating more compelling characters, instead of getting stuck in cleanup or laboriously keyframing from pose libraries.

High-end performance at an affordable price

Designed to be streamed on the animation platform of your choice, our studio glove offers realistic movements and a comfortable fit. 

Capture realistic, expressive hand movements

Equipped with 16 sensors, the Studio Glove captures realistic, expressive hand movements to captivate audiences with authentic characters.

Shock-resistant sensors - perfect for action-packed shoots

StretchSense gloves have been designed for the most demanding mocap scenes. Shock-resistant sensors, a day's battery life and a wireless range you can trust on a big stage.

Stream to the animation platform of your choice

Integrations with Unreal and Unity.

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