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Human and rigid body tracking for motion science applications as well as character animation for movies, games, episodics and more :

  • Support for more cameras: All OptiTrack USB cameras are supported
  • 6 rigid body skeletons: Player skeletons for VR
  • Traditional workflows: You have a predefined workflow

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  • Brand OptiTrack
  • Reference MTV-BDY
  • Condition New product

Optitrack's Motive:Body motion capture software

The Motive:Body motion capture software offers simple and accurate body tracking, including the capture of finger movements in large volumes. The recording of animations has been optimised to be more accurate and reliable.

In addition, the latest versions of 64-bit Windows and Intel/AMD processors allow tracking of multiple objects/people simultaneously in longer, higher volume recordings. But also, larger file sizes and support for hundreds of cameras per system.