ESI IC.IDO Software


Experience your product - before you build or service it - through the world of immersive virtual reality :

  • Compatible with most 3D tools
  • Various uses on simple desktop supports as well as on more elaborate CAVE supports.
  • Multi-user and multi-site
  • Simple and intuitive visualization and interaction on the interface
Introducing IC.IDO
Aeronautics & Aerospace

Product details


  • Brand ESI
  • Reference ESI-IC-IDO
  • Condition New product

IC.IDO VR software from ESI Group

IC.IDO is a software that allows real-time simulation of objects in virtual reality in an immersive 3D environment. It is possible to visualize and interact with a large amount of data thanks to multi-CAD and PDM support. Furthermore, the interface is very intuitive and prototype manipulation can be done without much technical knowledge. Furthermore, the software is a good solution for an elaborate showroom presentation of a company's product portfolio.

Virtual simulation helps to overcome the need to design physical prototypes, thus limiting maintenance and other costs related to physical design. The software offers time savings and improved collaboration around prototyping with the possibility of using the virtual model across multiple sites.