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The 3D Softmouse is a widely used interaction tool for photogrammetry and cartographic navigation:

  • Support for Windows 7 and XP in 32 and 64 bits
  • Winqual certified driver
  • Three sources of input - optical encoders, soft keys and triggers - provided data for powerful GIS software operations
  • Precise x, y and z axes for high quality results
  • Four triggers allow quick data collection or other action functions
  • Function keys and associated shift keys provide a combination of 16 input values to set parameters, change modes and streamline operations
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  • Type Stylus & mouse

Global Geo Supplies 3D Softmouse tracking tool

The 3D Softmouse is a widely used interaction tool in the field of photogrammetry and cartographic navigation. Thanks to its 6 degrees of freedom, it allows simplified navigation for office-type solutions. Indeed, its small size and simple ergonomics allow users to reduce hand fatigue and errors.

Contents of the box

  • SoftMouse device
  • Box
  • Cables
  • Power supply
  • SDK
  • Cleaning kit