ART Flystick 2+


The Flystick2+ is A.R.T.'s new wireless interaction device for your VR applications with a protected passive target. The Flystick2+ provides audio and vibro-tactile feedback. 

  • Redesigned grip for more intuitive handling 
  • Extended options with additional shortcut keys 
  • Easily replaceable and interchangeable cones 
  • Joystick & trigger buttons 
  • Easy access to the battery compartment 
  • USB Type-C charging support 

Product details


  • Brand ART
  • Reference ART Flystick 2+
  • Condition New product


  • Type Interactive controller

More and more for interaction 

Version 2+ is the improved version of version 2 & 3! ART has improved Flystick2 with sophisticated details and new features. Many wishes of our customers and partners have been taken into account by our developers. The new Flystick2+ convinces with a redefined design, provides audio and vibro-tactile feedback and many other new features. 

Other features 

It also has additional hotkeys and interchangeable front cones. Key features such as the analogue trigger, USB Type C charging. The pre-defined grip and versatile wall mount enhance the convenience of using the device. 

Wireless data transmission to the controller is provided by a USB radio transceiver in the ISM band. 

Data from the Flystick2+ can be received by trackd, VRPN, VR Juggler and most applications with direct interfaces.