Elite strap with battery for Meta Quest 3

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Enjoy extended virtual reality sessions with the Meta Quest 3 support strap, offering up to 2 hours of extra gameplay thanks to its integrated lithium-ion battery. This ergonomic strap ensures optimum comfort by redistributing the weight of the headset and adjusting easily to all morphologies thanks to a practical knob. Reduce fatigue with its soft silicone support, while simultaneously recharging helmet and battery via a single cable. Compatible with Meta Quest 3 charging station and carrying case.

Benefits :

  • Extended comfort: Up to 2 hours extra playtime.
  • Easy adjustment: Adjustable thumbwheel for precise, comfortable fit.
  • Reduced fatigue: Soft silicone support for extended experience.
  • Total compatibility: Works seamlessly with the Meta Quest 3 charging station and case.

Product details


  • Brand Meta
  • Reference F014/14604


  • Compatibility Meta Quest 3
  • Operating time (battery) 2 to 3 hours
  • Battery 7,68 V / 2 330 mAh / 17,9 Wh
  • Connections USB-C
  • Weight 331 g
  • Dimensions 241 mm (L) x 173,1 mm (l) x 101,5 mm (H)
  • Material Plastic, silicone (strap at back of head), fabric (top strap)
  • Colours Black

Enjoy Extended Comfort in VR 

Extended playtime with the Quest 3

Make the fun last longer with our ergonomic support strap featuring an integrated lithium-ion battery. Enjoy an immersive experience for up to two hours longer, thanks to a cleverly integrated battery pack. Simplify your charging experience by using a single cable to simultaneously charge your Meta Quest 3 headset and the strap battery.

Simple adjustment

Quickly and easily adjust your strap for a comfortable, precise fit around your head. The intuitive adjustment wheel lets you adapt the strap to most body shapes, giving you the confidence to move freely, whether in the midst of virtual combat or intense physical training.

Enhances your comfort

Immerse yourself in longer VR experiences thanks to the soft, flexible silicone strap. Designed to hold firmly to the back of your head, it enhances comfort and precision, reducing fatigue for extended gaming sessions.

Compatibility with Quest 3 accessories

Guaranteed compatibility ensures perfect integration with the Meta Quest 3 charging station, enabling effortless charging of headset and controller. What's more, this strap is easily stored in the Meta Quest 3 carrying case without needing to be removed. It integrates seamlessly with other Meta Quest 3 accessories for a complete VR experience.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Extended comfort for up to 2 additional hours of RV play.
  • Rigid, compact and lightweight strap for optimum weight distribution.
  • Durable design inspired by previous generations of the Elite strap.
  • Charge headset and battery simultaneously with a single charging cable.
  • Easy adjustment with thumbwheel for perfect fit.
  • Soft silicone support for extended comfort.
  • Full compatibility with Meta Quest 3 accessories, charging station and carrying case.
  • Genuine Meta accessory designed to work perfectly with Meta Quest 3, with a 12-month warranty.

Enhance your VR experience with this innovative support strap, designed to meet your needs while offering exceptional quality and comfort. Make the most of your virtual adventures with this genuine Meta accessory.

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