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Experience realistic virtual interactions directly with your hands. Prime X Haptic VR's precise haptic feedback is specifically designed for virtual reality environments.

  • Grab, touch and feel your virtual experiences
  • Fast, accurate and detailed (IMU 9 DoF for each finger)
  • Compatible with industry standard software (Unity, Unreal Engine...)
  • Haptic feedback 2.0

Product details


  • Brand Manus VR
  • Reference F002/13227
  • Condition New product


  • Type Gloves

Data gloves for VR with Manus

Hold digital objects, touch textures, press buttons and pull levers. Immerse yourself fully in your virtual experiences.

The next generation of data gloves with haptic feedback for virtual reality. Immersive hands-on experiences in any virtual environment. Compatible with : IC.IDO*, VRED*, Teamcenter*, Unreal Engine and Unity.

Fully compatible

Prime X Haptic VR gloves are compatible with industry standard software. Unreal and Unity, with integrations for IC.IDO*, VRED* and Siemens Teamcenter*. Further integrations can be achieved using our Manus Core SDK.

All plugins and the Manus Core SDK are available for download in the Manus Resource Centre.

Fast, accurate, detailed

Featuring a proprietary flexible sensor skeleton and a 9 DoF IMU for each finger, Prime X Haptic VR gloves deliver high-fidelity finger tracking with no noticeable latency.

Haptic Feedback 2.0

The haptic modules in Prime X Haptic VR gloves provide even more powerful feedback on each finger. With the enhanced haptic modules, Prime X Haptic VR gloves provide a higher resolution touch sensation than ever before.

Universal mounting system

The universal mounting system of the Prime X series allows the use of a wide range of tracking accessories. Prime X Haptic VR gloves are therefore compatible with. :

  • SteamVR with Manus Pro Tracker
  • SteamVR with Vive Tracker 2.0 & 3.0
  • AR-Tracking
  • Oculus Rift S / Quest Controllers
  • OptiTrack with OptiTrack ActivePuck
  • Vicon Origin with Vicon Pulsar

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